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We leverage group buying power to get discounts on major ecommerce cost buckets

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Discounts up to 40%* of sticker rates

*Out of hundreds of businesses that joined our negotiation group before our deals went live.

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See what our members said about ScalePower:


“ScalePower helped save our business a ton of money in BNPL fees; we went from 6% to 3.69% overnight, for free! Grateful to be part of this buying group and looking forward to future deals.”

Luis Cobo / CEO & Partner at Banda Bags


"..Saving was from 4.59% by Affirm to 3.69% by Klarna"

Shenglong You / CEO & Partner at ThursoShop

Our members get better deals

95% of our members paid higher fees than ScalePower’s highest rate before joining


*For our live, Buy-now-pay-later deal. Rates can go as low as 2.69% depending on size.

Why ScalePower works

Did you know that even large software companies spend more than 50% of their revenue on marketing? Unfortunately clients have to pick up the bill.

We are here to change that. By using group buying power, we’re able to negotiate massive discounts on pricing from major providers, transferring the savings to you.

Whether you are a large enterprise or a mom and pop shop, our deals will provide significant cost reduction from the sticker prices.

Joining our group is free, easy, and no commitment!

Take a look at our current deals now and spread the word! The more we are, the better the deals we can negotiate.

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Why ScalePower

We are the experts in group negotiation

Our founders started our parent organization, Juno, 3 years ago to negotiate bulk discounts on student loans. They gathered several hundred students who needed loans and convinced a dozen lenders to compete on the rates they would offer the group. Together, the cohort secured major discounts and kept growing.

Since then, the consumer side of our business has grown to over 80,000 members who have sourced the cheapest rates on $400M+ of transactions.

Now we are replicating the strategy for e-commerce.

We believe group buying works well because:

Companies spend a lot of money to reach their customers. By negotiating with groups like ours, they can save major marketing dollars and give you better pricing!

The larger the group gets, the greater our negotiating leverage. As we scale, companies cannot afford to lose our business.

80k+ Members
$430M+ of transactions

How it works

We use group power to have negotiating leverage with providers and give those savings to you.


We grow the group

Thousands of companies join the group for free. Tell everyone you know who might benefit from group negotiation.


We negotiate with major providers

We get companies to compete on fees and rates they will offer to our network


Best deals available to group members!

We will show you the best discounts we negotiated in the cost buckets you are interested in. There’s no obligation to take our deals – just the option should you choose.

Frequently asked questions

We have done this for student loans and we are seeing the same dynamics in the e-commerce industry. Our goal is bringing transparency to markets that thrive on unequal pricing. We want to make sure you getting the best pricing possible.

If you decide you want to explore one of our deals, you can let us know and we will send your information to the requested provider so they can reach out to you. We will never share any information without your consent.

On the contrary! It’s generally easy to change between providers (most providers only require you to notify them 2 weeks in advance).

There’s no catch. We believe that by negotiating together all parties benefit:

You: Get a better deal for free

Providers: Save marketing dollars getting to you

Us: We may get an auction fee from the provider for running the group (we show you all providers that meet our criteria, irrespective of the fee they pay us)

Our Team

We are a team of 20+ people with diverse backgrounds working together to negotiate the best deals in the market for the group.

ScalePower Team on Zoom